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Hyacinth Macaw


Hyacinth macaw belongs to the “Macaw” family and categorized as the largest parrot of the world. It scientific name is Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus and it is almost 100 centimeters in length. It has long tail and powerful black bill which is deeply curved and pointed. It is at the bottom in the list of endangered species because research told that its rate of decline is very slow. It is usually found in the areas of Brazil but also found in some other regions of the world.

It has habit of making nests and nesting usually take place between July and December. They lay two eggs in which one egg usually survives. They are known as very moderate tempered and even tempered therefore they are called “gentle giants”. They are also pharmacologically important and sensitive. These birds are the good friends of human being and have positive and negative effects on human health. The beak of Hyacinths Macaw has 200 pounds of pressure per square inch and there is no guarantee that Macaw will not bite you.


They are the largest parrots in the world and can be recognized easily. They approximately grow to 40 inches and have wingspan of almost four feet. They have weight of almost 3 to 4 pounds. They have blue colored feathers and yellow rings around their large eyes and have small yellow streaks around their beak. Strong beaks and range from gray to black in color. They have no teeth inside the beak and so “toothless beak”. They have two toes forward and two toes behind.

Life Stages

They are extremely social birds and live in nests. Their female lays a clutch of one to four eggs. Only one chick will survive and mature. The incubation period of Macaw lasts for a month and male parrots tends to mate female parrot. Chicks depend on their parents till the 6 months of their age. Their breeding ability’ starts at the age of seven years.

Life Span

They live about 50 years. The average age of Hyacinth Macaw is 50 years. If they die soon, it may be because of some disease or other incident.


They have the average size of 100 cm while others also like. They have weight of about 1.2 to 1.7 kilograms which is not very large. The largest parrots in the world belong to Hyacinth Macaw, actually their size is their identification.


They primarily found in the riverside tropical rain forest and palm swamps. They mostly live in forests especially palm forest. They form best holes in the trees. A big population of Macaws is found in Brazil. The forest grasslands and forests of South America’s Pantanal region is their home. They are also found in eastern Bolivia and small portions of northeastern Paraguay.


They require fat in their diet as the basic nutrient and require more fat than other species. Their wild source of food is Palm nuts and they eat different types of nuts, fruits and berries. They also use to eat the flowers and stems of plants.

Friends and Enemies

They are very friendly so they have no enemies but there are many friends. Friendship is sometimes difficult to him manage. They have many friends except predators. Human is the biggest enemy of birds and therefore Hyacinth Macaw is going towards extinction. Due to excessive hunting of Hyacinth Macaw, this specie is going towards extinction.

Suitability as Pets

They are very good pet birds. They are quite expensive because they are going towards extinction. For a young Hyacinth the seller will charge you $10,000. Because they are very friendly, they can speak like humans and can act like them. But their price is very high due to their decline.

Care of Hyacinth Macaw

Hyacinth Macaw should be kept by someone who has experience of keeping birds and can take care of it easily. To keep it as a pet, the owner should consult specialists and experts about the care and feeding of Hyacinth Macaw. As it is a large bird, it needs large area to live so if someone has plan to keep it as a pet, there should be a separate part of home for Hyacinth Macaw. They can be very destructive and can break the things near to them. They need many wooden toys and branches to play with. They also need company to pass their time therefore they have very good friendship with humans.

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