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Harlequin Macaw


The Harlequin Macaw is a hybrid of two Macaws; A Green Winged Macaw and a Golden- Blue Macaw. A hybrid is the result of cross between two parents having different characteristics. So, wild Harlequin Macaws are not found. The cross between Ara Ararauna (blue and gold) and Ara chloropetra (red and green) results in a hybrid “Harlequin Macaw” which is a very energetic, affectionate, and captivating young parrot.

Characteristics and Habits

Harlequin Macaw is a very intelligent bird having additional learning skills. They are easily trainable and can perform what we teach them. The temperament of Harlequin Macaw is like green­-wing Macaw so the behavior of this Macaw is predictable. They can be cranky sometimes and may show affection towards only one person, man or woman.

It is a well socialized bird which enjoyed the time with people. But its friendly behavior depends on the way you treat and train it. They can spend their most of the time in playing. Harlequin Macaw has very good talking ability’ and it learns faster. It can make tricks and learn them very easily so it is considered as a very intelligent bird. This bird requires a large cage to spread its wings, climb and play.


Harlequin Macaws have some varieties of colors because it is the hybrid of two having different colors. They have different colors and patterns. Some Harlequins have deep orange colors on their chest and bellies. Some have striking tones of green and blue on their backs. Some of them have golden feathers on the underside of their tail. They are hybrids therefore they have large range of colors.

Life Stages

This parrot is a hybrid and hybrids usually do not bred. The breeding of hybrids is becoming common to have large population of these hybrids. They can be easily handled at the age of 3 months.

Life Span

The average age of Harlequin Macaw is about 60 years. Some Macaws are at the bank of distinction but researchers and breeders are trying to save these Macaws.


The average weight of a healthy Macaw is 2 pounds. Its size ranges up to 84 cm, about 34 inches.


They are not found as wild birds therefore they are not living in jungles etc. It is hybrid therefore it has no natural distribution. Its parents are found in Peru, Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay. Parent Macaws live in Central America restricted to Panama.


It is an herbivore and its diet comprises of different fruits and nuts. People, who keep this bird as pet, must have to study about the proper diet of Harlequin Macaw. This bird needs variety in its food and does not like the same thing every day. Harlequin Macaw feels stress in a new home and stop eating. So it needs vital care and good nutrition.

A good food for this bird is the good nutritional base. Harlequin Macaw gets additional nutritional benefits and psychological enrichments if you provide it with mixed feed, a mixture of commercial formulated feeds and supplements of seeds with different fruit varieties, vegetables and protein content. This bird likes to eat leafy green vegetables like spinach. It also likes carrots and corn including chili peppers

Friends and Enemies

It is a very friendly bird so it has many friends. The predators are the enemies of Harlequin Macaw. People, who keep them as pet, should take care of them and protect from other animals. It is a house pet therefore it must be kept away from other house pets like dogs, cats etc.

Suitability as Pets

It is very suitable bird as pet. Actually it has no natural distribution therefore it is only found in houses and shops. People who have these birds, claim to have “best thing in the world”. This parrot may have moments of frustration and then it needs special care and attention. Sometimes it makes noise and disturbs others but overall it is a very loving bird. If you are keeping Harlequin Macaw as a pet, then take care of its diet and nutrition because it is a moody bird to some extent. If it does not like the food, it will become sad and will show anger. But it depends on you to keep your bird fresh and happy.

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