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10 Funny Looking Animals in the World

When the idea for this post first occurred to me, I really had no idea just how many funny looking animals there are on our planet. When I discovered all these strange little guys I was really captivated by their uniqueness.

This post contains the most extraordinary photos I could find of these odd looking animals. I’ve also included a little tidbit of information about them as well.

Hope you enjoy browsing these photos as much as I enjoyed finding them. (By the way, all of the photos have either been purchased or permission has been given to use them).

01. Angora Rabbit

This cute bunny is bred primarily for that gorgeous, soft, beautiful coat of hair. The fur is cut from the animal, but the rabbit is not harmed when this is done. The coat grows back and is later shorn again to make more angora fiber, which is used for making sweaters, coats and other articles of clothing.

02. Tapir

Is it a pig? A baby elephant? No, it’s actually more closely related to a horse and a rhino. Go figure. The Tapir is an endangered species and has been honored on postage stamps from around the world.

03. Narwhals

Sometimes called Narwhales, these guys are among the few animals left on Earth who have tusks. The elephant and the walrus are two others. The Narwhal tusk is actually just an extra-long, upper left canine tooth (fang).

04. Axolotls

Also called the “Mexican salamander” or the “Water Monster.” These unusual looking creatures are like some other kinds of animals who can regrow body parts that have been cut off by accident – or on purpose – like lizards can do when they lose their tails. It’s called regeneration and the Axolotls can regrow limbs and, in some cases, even part of their brains.

05. Pink Ferry Armadillo

This unique looking animal with the cute name is the smallest species of armadillo. It’s only about 3.5 – 4.5 inches long, not counting the tail. If you scare her, she can bury herself in the desert in a few seconds flat! There’s a picture on the next page that gives you a better idea of what this odd animal looks like. Not sure if it’s a front view or a rear view though!

06. Japanese Macaque

This weird looking animal is sometimes called a “Snow Monkey” – which might be obvious by looking at this picture. In addition to their bright pink face, they also have pink bottoms!

07. Mantled Guereza

Does this monkey look like he’s wearing a cape or what? It’s also known as a Black-and-White Colobus (for obvious reasons). This species of monkey is often known to have females take care of babies that are not their own. Nice! Just threw in this extra picture of a baby Black-and-White Colobus because it was so darned cute.

08. Komondor

This is a dog. I’m not kidding. It’s not a mop. It’s a dog. It’s also known as a Hungarian Komondor or (shock, shock) as a Mop Dog. I had a hard time finding a good photo of this dog, but hopefully you will get the idea despite the poor picture quality. This unique looking coat starts out soft and fluffy, but turns into these cords as it grows. It needs some human care or the coat will turn into a big, matted mess over time.

09. Platypus

Ok, this is a real oddball. It has the bill of a duck, the tail of a beaver and the feet of an otter. And it is of the rare mammals that can inject venom into a potential enemy, including human beings (causing a big ouch, if not death).

10. Sea Cucumber

Here’s another non-animal looking thing. Is it a piece of driftwood that sunk to the bottom of the ocean or is it a living creature? IT’S ALIVE! And it is named after the vegetable to which it bears such a striking resemblance, the cucumber.

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